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Is it Cheating?

Is it Cheating? – Dissertation Nock

Is using assignment services to do your projects illegal? Would it be considered “contract cheating”?


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Students are often riddled with the legal and moral ambiguity of online assignments or dissertation help. The reason they initially turn to online help is that they don’t get the help they need via their lectures, class notes, and school faculty which poses a negative impact on their academic performance. Dissertation writing services come in handy in these situations. Using dissertation writing services in the United Kingdom is not prohibited. By using these tools, you are not engaging in any form of cheating. It’s fine as long as you’re seeking help from reputable dissertation writing services.

Dissertationnock.co.uk aims to bring quality academic services to the fingertips of every student in the UK by presenting them with top-notch services. We understand that dissertations are an integral component of a student’s academic life, they help the student secure a comprehensive understanding of their subject, and sharpen their skills. Contrarily, students don’t only study one subject, they are enrolled in diverse disciplines which carry equal importance. The result of these multiple disciplines is the numerous deadlines that the students are expected to meet. The pressure that is created on the student as a result of multiple challenging dissertations is nerve-wracking, to say the very least. Dissertationnock.co.uk sympathizes with students and wants to be a sigh of relief by providing quality dissertation writing services. We prioritize students that come to us by playing our role as a facilitator. Trust us and our services and see the result for yourself.

Why is there so much negative hype about online assignment/dissertation help services?

Individuals have had bad encounters with internet assignment help services, resulting in legal issues. Unfortunately, this only occurs when you do deal with disreputable firms. On the web, there is a plethora of dissertation writing UK firms that are not authentic and pass on cloned or reused papers. You can be enticed by such organizations’ exceptionally low pricing and appealing bundles, but always read the reviews before finalizing your order.

Is it considered dishonest to submit the assignment as it is as written by Dissertationnock.co.uk assignment help services?

When you trust us with your work you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Our experts produce 100% original work from fresh research, you don’t have to fret about our dissertations being copied from the web or plagiarized. We guarantee freshly produced original work. Our experts ensure that all of your work is completed according to your specified requirements.

We also understand that students use our services for a myriad of reasons. Some of them are as mentioned:

  • Many students are immigrants or on exchange programs hence English is not their first language which causes them a lot of stress regarding the assignments in the UK.
  • Some students experience difficulties in their writing, meaning that they struggle with writing, structuring, formatting, and the overall flow of their work. Therefore, they avail of our services.
  • Some students due to unforeseen situations miss out on their classes, lectures, and studies therefore, need our help in bridging those gaps in their academic sessions.
  • Our role is, therefore, merely of a facilitator that helps the students with their academic workload. We have no illicit methods all of our policies are outlined on our websites. We value our clients and have strict privacy policies that help us reassure them of our genuineness.