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A literature review is the most complicated chore to be performed by the researchers; it can be a very difficult task, as it involves analysis of previous studies along with justifying them. To write a research paper, you need to make sure you understand your paper and its content. You need to be able to apply an understanding of testing and analysis. Viewing the literature may be a difficult task, but now it can be as simple as a toy if you allow us to play the role.

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The literature review presents a bunch of research papers and articles done previously within the same or similar context of the current research. You have to ring the right bell in the article selection; however, if you go wrong in the selection, your content will lose attractiveness. Long story short, what you have to do is, select several previous types of research, arrange it as per research objectives or in a way that suits your dissertation, and then critically discuss all of them. But keep in mind that a good dissertation is the one that is less descriptive and has a strong critique.

You being an academic writer, we believe that you will provide a chronological structure of the literature review based on the research topic. If your audience knows what you are doing in this situation, then your goal is to give a grounding in it. If the audience knows more than you, then your goal is to prove your understanding, qualifications, and knowledge of the subject. You can present the information well by designing the conceptual framework. From the initial stage to the next, the literature should be organized and well thought out. Here you will distinguish between your dependent and independent variable and can define the relationship expected to be calculated in the current dissertation in a diagrammatic the right

Collect Information

Firstly, you have to gather the pieces of research articles, journals, and the rest of the peer-reviewed papers that are relevant to the selected topic.

Categorize Information

The author of the research paper should present the main points and analysis of this report by designing an outline of the literature review and then critically appraising it concerning the selected research topic.

Review & Align

As a writer of literature review in the dissertation, you need to perform scientific analysis on a large number of papers distributed within the context of the research aim. If the reader does not know what you are doing in this situation, then your goal is to teach.

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